Construct an annotated bibliography.

Instructions for this Assignment

For this assignment, you will construct an annotated bibliography. The Annotated Bibliography is a summary of each of your outside sources. Each source should have 1-2 paragraphs. List each source in APA format (as you would in a references page), followed by 1-2 paragraphs that answer the following questions:

What are the main arguments?

What is the point of the book or article?

What did you learn from reading the article?

What arguments did the authors make?

Is this similar or contrary to the argument you want to make in your paper?

How does this article compare to your other sources?

How can you use this article in your paper?

Note: For Annotated Bibliography 1, you must have at least half of your required 8 sources – at least 3 of which must be academic sources.

For the Final Annotated Bibliography, you must have all sources you plan to use listed, of which at least 6 must be academic. You may have trusted websites – NCJRS, .edu sites, etc – but they do not count as your 6 academic sources.