Address alternative approaches to ethically challenging circumstances.

Ethical Research Paper


1. Students can recognize professional ethics and provide discipline-specific examples of ethical challenges in the workplace.
2. Students can explain potential results of discipline specific unethical behaviors, including inaction when witnessing unethical behaviors.
3. Students can discuss options when faced with ethical dilemmas and identify discipline –specific plans for how to navigate these challenges.


1. Choose an ethical dilemma topic from the google form posted.
2. Research the topic and find 5 current scholarly references.
3. Incorporate Nursing Code of Ethics in paper.
4. Address impact of breaches in ethical conduct.
5. Address alternative approaches to ethically challenging circumstances.
6. Write 3-5-page paper (not including the Title and Reference pages) in 7th Edition APA format (template is included under resources).
7. Take paper draft to Writing Center for critique.
8. Submit final copy of paper at deadline in word format. No pdf or other formats will be accepted.


See Grading Rubric:
Weighted grade 2.5%

Ethical Issues Resources

Objectives: Directions and learning objectives

Topics: Students MUST choose from the following topics for this paper.

Grading Rubrics: Rubric

Sample Paper: Outlines the expectations for each section of the paper as reflected on the grading rubric.

Code of Ethics Resources: ANA Code of Ethics and 9 Provisions of Care

ANA Code of Ethics: What are the 9 Provisions of Nursing?

APA Template: Fill in outline for your paper

Watch: To learn how to find an appropriate article for this assignment.

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