Briefly discuss the process of conducting research to provide a systematic solution for an industry-related problem,



Question 1:

Briefly discuss the process of conducting research to provide a systematic solution for an industry-related problem,

Questions 2:

Choose a destination or company related to tourism, hospitality, or the event industry as a unit of your analysis and as your social lab. Then, identify a real-life problem related to your unit analysis, analyze the identified real-life problem based on the secondary and/or primary data that you need to collect, infer your analysis of the problem under your inquiry, and provide a set of solutions for the problem.

Rationale-building for the assignment

You are required to establish and develop the content of your assignment in the following rationale to apply skills of:

  • Identifying an industry-related problem: This is very similar to the identification of a research topic of interest (ideation) and the problem related to the research topic (Problematizing). The scope of the research is framed and delimited (Focus and delimitation)
  • Analyzing the identified industry-related problem: Setting up the background to build the rationale behind the problem (background, situation analysis, and problem identification)
  • Inferencing the industry-related problem: Based on the relevant analysis, a complete inferencing of the analysis of the industry-related problem is made.
  • Finding a solution for the industry-related problem: A systematic set of solutions for the industry-related problem are provided

In the overall rationale-building assignment given above, you should showcase your ability and competence to demonstrate, through sequential steps that flow naturally, how you ultimately arrive at setting up the frame and focus of the study. Consider the following when building your more specific rationale:

  1. Define the background or context to the problem area- use the funnel approach where you set up the context as broadly as possible; begin with the field, then the sector, to then gradually shift the focus to a specific area through argumentation and evidence, where you will show the problem
  2. Use evidence, facts, and literature where necessary to support your rationale and reasoning in constructing the problem – tell us what type of reasoning you are using and why
  3. Clearly specify the problem through a problem statement
  4. Identify the unit of analysis, concepts, and variables that will deserve your attention when you are going to tackle the problem and provide the reasons why they are essential for the research you are undertaking
  5. Clearly demarcate the scope and frame of your research: which theoretical perspective you may use, what you will consider in your study, and what you will NOT include.
  6. State clearly why this problem is of significance (is it relevant-timing, why now, context; significant for theory, practice; interest for whom, which sector, which trade).