Create an Agency Presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Social Work

Socw 6500 walden university

Create an Agency Presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint. The presentation should have a voiceover audio component and be 6 slides, including a title slide and reference slide. The remaining slides should include the following:

  • The demographics of the clients served by the agency and the diversity of the agency and its clients
  • The percentage breakdown of funding, including grants, private funding, faith-based sources, and public sources
  • A description of how the agency interacts with the community or its role in the community
  • An explanation of the agency’s mission statement and how that connects to a social problem

For the slides in the final Agency Presentation, be sure to provide significant detail from field education experience, including relevant examples, evidence from the readings and other sources, and discerning ideas that draw connections between the points and each slide.

For the voiceover, also provide context for the slides and draw connections between the slides as needed. Be concise.NB; the agency name is affinity health affairs and is specialised in doing therapy for children,adults, couples and family