Create various system models through the application of appropriate tools.


CS System Analysis & Design


In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competencies:

  • Create various system models through the application of appropriate tools
  • Present and articulate technical concepts to nontechnical audiences


You work for a small consulting company that designs systems for various clients. You are continuing to work on a system for DriverPass. Previously, you completed a business requirements document for your project lead that articulated DriverPass’s needs. You also made a suggestion regarding which approach—object or process—your company should take. Based on your excellent work thus far, your project lead would like you to continue designing the system for DriverPass. Your project lead ultimately decided on a blended approach that incorporates the best of object and process modeling. She has asked you to complete a system design document, which will include several UML diagrams and a description of the technical requirements for the DriverPass system. This design document will eventually be shared with the developers on your team who will implement your design.

Finally, your project lead has asked you to create a short presentation for the client based on your design. You will be asked to communicate different components of the system and how they meet DriverPass’s needs. Since this information will be presented to the client, you will need to avoid the use of technical jargon.

Review the assignment directions below and follow the steps needed to complete these deliverables for your project lead.

Note: You will not be creating all of the UML diagrams for the entire system, nor presenting the entire design to the client. In the industry, you would have help from coworkers and a longer time frame to complete all of the documentation. For the purposes of this project, things have been simplified.


System Design Document
You will complete a system design document based on the requirements you collected in Project One. In this document, you will complete your system design by creating proper UML diagrams and describing the system’s technical requirements.

  1. Review the business requirements document that you completed for Project One. This will remind you of your client’s needs and your plan for the design.
    Tip: It would also help to review any feedback your instructor provided on Project One.
  1. In Module Six, you created a UML use case diagram for the DriverPass system. If you would like to make any adjustments to your diagram, please do so. Check to make sure that you included appropriate components and symbols and that your design meets the client’s requirements.
  1. In addition to the use case diagram, you will use the CASE tool Lucidchart to create UML activity, sequence, and class diagrams. Each diagram must include the appropriate components and symbols and meet the client’s requirements.
    • Based on the use case diagram you created:
      1. Choose two use cases and create two UML activity diagrams, one for each use case.
      2. For one of the use cases you chose, create a UML sequence diagram.
    • Finally, you must use Lucidchart to create a UML class diagram for your system. Your class diagram should include the different classes and attributes needed for your system design. You are not required to include methods, but you may if you wish.
  1. Include a copy of each UML diagram in your system design document. Use the template linked in the What to Submit section.
  1. Review the different functional and nonfunctional requirements you included in your business requirements document for Project One. Based on these, describe the technical requirements of your proposed system. The technical requirements should address the required hardware, software, tools, and infrastructure necessary for your system design.

Client Presentation
You will create a short PowerPoint presentation to your client, which includes a description of your system. Your team lead wants to see your ability to present your ideas and designs back to clients. She would like you to include speaker notes for each slide that include your explanation of the slide and how it meets the client’s needs. Since you are presenting to a client, your explanation should be simplified and targeted at a nontechnical audience.

  1. Open the client presentation template, linked in the What to Submit section. Each slide includes a heading as well as a prompt for what to include on the slide. You will present information from both your business requirements document and system design document. You must complete the following slides:
    • Title
    • System Requirements
    • Use Case Diagram
    • Activity Diagram
    • Security
    • System Limitations
  2. NOTE: You may include additional slides if you would like to explain other aspects of your design.
  1. Write out your explanation in the speaker notes for each slide. Use the PowerPoint Speaker Notes Tutorial, located in the Supporting Materials section, to help you with this task. Remember that these speaker notes represent what would be the spoken part of your presentation. Since you are explaining your designs to the client, you must do the following:
    • Explain how each component of your design meets the client’s needs.
    • Use nontechnical language to communicate your ideas.
    • Clearly articulate your designs with polished grammar and sufficient detail.