Define Tourism and Society taking into consideration the interrelationship between the two phenomena.


2000 words (- or + 10%)

You are required to produce an essay outlining the theories, principles and practices of tourism and society.

Essay question: What are the impacts of tourism on society?

Introduction (300 words)

Introduce the essay topic:

An investigation into the relationship between tourism and society and how they impact upon one another.

Your introduction should provide an overview of the aims of the essay:

To discuss the relationship between tourism and society through the investigation of relevant sociological theories, principles and practices and to identify how different socio-cultural, political and economic contexts influence principles and practices of sustainability.

To demonstrate your understanding of the interaction and interdependence of people, places and processes involved in tourism.

(Show how you will cover the learning outcomes)

Consider: Why is this topic important for the development of tourism as an industry and society now and in the future.

You may want to include a definition of sociology and or discuss the social science of travel and its relationship with society.

First Section (500 words)

Define Tourism and Society taking into consideration the interrelationship between the two phenomena.

Provide background to the sector and how fast the tourism sector has developed in line with demands, you may want to include statistics here to demonstrate your research and reference models such as the Tourism life cycle/ Leipers Tourism system model / Push and pull influences to explain this.

You may want to provide an example of a destination that has resisted or welcomed tourism and how this may have been managed either positively or negatively using stakeholder management.


Second Section (500 words)

In the second section you will go into more detail about the positive and negative impacts of tourism on society as well as the societal impacts and influences of tourism on destinations.

Factors such as environmental, social, economic and political should be taken into consideration or PESTLE analysis.

Points to consider: Net zero, Government corruption, the Multiplier Effect, Seasonality.


Third Section (400 words)

In this section, you will go into detail about tourist behaviour, expectations of the consumption of travel and how this has impacted upon society and destinations. You may want to outline the rise and fall of tourist destinations and provide examples.

Points to consider: Tourist typologies and behaviours, Travel motivations (Intrinsic / Extrinsic), authenticity, cultural differences and historical events.


Conclusion (300 words) Conclude the key findings of your research taking into consideration the current and future impacts of tourism upon society and the experiences we consume.

Ask yourself:

What does this mean for the future of travel?

Can travel and tourism as we now know it be sustained in the future?

What expectations do consumers have of travel and how may this change?