Describe some of the factors that influence blood alcohol concentration when drinking alcoholic beverages.

1. In terms of substance use, what is meant by risk factors and protective factors?

Provide at least two important examples of each.
Define risk factors
Define protective factors
Give two examples of each

2. Explain the difference between physical dependence on a drug and psychological dependence on a drug.

Define each and then provide the differences

3. There are many different routes by which drugs can be administered. Describe the pros and cons of the oral route versus the intravenous route.
For each Oral and IV routes, provide pros and cons.

4. What is meant by gateway substances? What is one example of a gateway substance? What is wrong with assuming that using a gateway substance causes an
increased use of other substances?

Define gateway substances
Provide an example of a gateway substance
Describe why the assumption is wrong

5. Describe some of the factors that influence blood alcohol concentration when
drinking alcoholic beverages.

Discuss Rate of absorption, distribution, and metabolism in your answer.

6. Briefly discuss the correlation between pregnancy and smoking.

What is the correlation?

What are at least 3 health effects of smoking on pregnancy or the baby that may occur?

7. Even though chewing tobacco might not be as unhealthy as smoking it, smokeless tobacco still has risks. Compare and contrast the health risks of chewing and smoking tobacco.

Cite health risks for each and then discuss why one would be more orĀ  less harmful.

8. Using either the public health model or the Institute of Medicine classification, describe in general terms three different kinds of drug prevention programs. These
are differentiated mainly by the people at whom they are targeted.

The general terms of one of the models are each described related to drug prevention.
Cite the targets for each.

9. Explain the concept of safe drug consumption sites. How do these safe drug consumption sites combat drug overdoses and the spread of blood-borne illnesses?

Define safe drug consumptions sites.
Provide how they help reduce overdoses
Cite how they affect the spread of blood borne diseases.
Name at least 2 of the blood borne diseases that might be reduced.

10. Give a brief description of the process required for a pharmaceutical company to test a new drug on humans and later to market a new prescription drug.

Describe the process that must be followed to test a new drug on humans and marketing it by listing and describing the steps that must be

11. Describe the structure of a neuron.

Name and describe the four regions and what each do.

12. Describe the three major uses for aspirin and aspirin-like products, such as acetaminophen.

For each of the drugs, name and describe the major uses aspirin like Be specific for each product.

13. Discuss the beneficial uses of opioids.
Name and describe at least three beneficial uses of opioid drugs.

14. What are the approved medical uses for dronabinol, and why do some argue that smoked marijuana needs to be available to cancer patients and others in
addition to (or instead of) oral THC?

Identify at least three medical uses for dronabinol and then provide a reason for access to smoking marijuana for some patients.

15. Discuss briefly the adverse effects of steroids on the human body.

Provide at least 4 adverse effects in a discussion format.

16. Describe at least three of the components of the Social Influence Model of drug prevention

Briefly identify and describe at least three components of the social influence model in drug prevention.