Describe some variables that contribute to prejudice in children.


Week 12-Instructions

  1. Read Chapter 10-Youth Culture
  2. Watch the two videos below:

Watch Video Sexting at school

Duration: 1:53
User: n/a – Added:4/8/13

Watch Video Inside Chicago’s Gang War | Hidden America ‘Don’t Shoot: I Want to Grow Up’ PART 1/3

Duration: 7:03
User: n/a – Added: 10/20/12

  1. Define: (2pts)
  1. At-risk youth
  2. High-risk youth
  1. Answer (Total 16 pts)- Be critical
  1. Explain why child abuse is a problem and cite the signs of child abuse.
  2. When does ethnic identification begin in children, and how is it manifested?
  3. Describe some variables that contribute to prejudice in children.
  4. What are the variables that contribute to childhood obesity, why it is a problem, and what can the school do to address the problem?
  5. What are the sources of alienation between adolescents and their families?
  6. What is the extent of substance abuse among adolescents, and what are some underlying causes of substance use in this age group?
  7. What are the causes of adolescent suicide, and what are the warning signs?
  8. How does Generation Y differ from Generation Z?
  1. Choose one of the questions from two of your colleagues and provide an opinion (50 words). Total 4 pts, 2 pts per colleague.
  2. Submit your discussion WP#12