Develop a 2- to 3-page local guide in the form of a flyer, poster, pamphlet, or newsletter.

Social Justice

Deviance Prevention Guide

Assignment Content

  1. Sociological research can be used to provide information to inform communities about human behaviors in their neighborhood. Citizens can then use that information to understand and develop actions to take which could impact the quality of life for the groups who live there. This week’s assignment will give you the opportunity to consider human behavior related to crime and substance use issues in your community from a sociological perspective. Use your knowledge of sociological research to educate families about this kind of human behavior.
    Scenario:Your local community center has started to host orientation classes for groups of parents of middle- and high-school-aged children. These families have recently moved to the area or are looking to relocate and want to know more about your community. You are part of a group of citizens who wants to support these parents by sharing information about local crime and substance use issues so that they can make informed choices for their families. The community center has asked you to prepare an informational guide to share this information with them.
    For this assignment:

    • Choose 1 sociological theory to interpret the connection between substance use issues and crime.
    • Choose 1 type of software to create a guide with visuals, such as Microsoft Word or Canva.
  2. Develop a 2- to 3-page local guide in the form of a flyer, poster, pamphlet, or newsletter.
    Use a software of your choice to create your guide and enrich it with visual images.
    Include the following:

    • Define crime and what it means to conform in a sociological context.
    • Use a sociological theory to determine if there is a relationship between substance use issues and crime.
    • List social programs in your local area that can support parents and youth with information and family services related to substance use issues.
    • Support the information in your guide with data from current and factual resources.
  3. Cite references in your guide.
    Include a section with APA-formatted references.