Develop technical solution, design system architecture.

Health & Medical

Team report for 3 roles

You will be working with a team of fellow consultants, developing solutions to help your clients deliver care more efficiently and effectively. Instead of analyzing available solutions as in the Individual Whitepapers, your team will be developing a new solution and implementation plan to propose to the client’s executive management. For this assignment each team member will assume one of three roles:

  • Project Manager – Define the problem, frame and propose solution, oversee deliverable
  • Systems Engineer – Develop technical solution, design system architecture
  • Business Analyst – Explain the client’s needs, develop implementation plan

Each student should assume a different role for each report, with groups of four students “doubling up” on whichever role is most useful for a given project, and each team member’s role should be listed on the cover page of the report. The report should contain two single-spaced pages of text (not including the bibliography) per group member plus a system architecture diagram drafted by the engineer. At least five academic papers should be cited to support your position, and please include an annotated bibliography at the end. Please include PDF copies of each source cited in the report with your submission.