Discuss Interprofessional collaboration and the IPEC competencies.

In order to participate in this assignment, students will utilize their place of employment to gain access to other types of health care providers, and to gain access to a patient to interview for this activity.

Students will ask an interprofessional colleague to jointly interview a patient who is a current patient in a healthcare facility. The interview will serve to obtain a medical, family and social history. Ideally, the student and the other participant will interview the patient together. The student and the other participant must arrange time to discuss the case and share their assessments of the patient’s problem list with eachother. The information collected is then used create a collaborative problem list that illustrates the similarities and differences that the two healthcare providers identify in the patients’ care needs. The student’s problem list must be constructed from the viewpoint of a RN using official nursing diagnoses to address the patient’s needs. Any type of healthcare provider is appropriate to collaborate with on this assignment, provided their profession has the scope and responsibility to assess a patient and establish a problem list.

The paper will include the following components:
• An overview of the experience including the setting, the interprofessional colleague collaborated with and a brief explanation of their role, training, world view and scope of practice.
• A summary explanation of the patient’s case that highlights the pertinent history supporting problems identified. Respecting HIPAA no patient identifiers may be used in this paper.
• A detailed problem list will be provided. One problem list from the RN point of view with RN diagnoses, and the other problem list from the other healthcare provider. This will be displayed in a side-by side table. The student will then analyze and describe the similarities and differences noted between the problem lists of the RN and that of their collaborating partner.
• The student will then demonstrate insight into how the differences found in the problem list is reflective of the RN lens, vs. the other healthcare provider lens.

• The student will provide a reflection on the experience of participating in this activity. Consider experience, power, cultural interactions between the collaborating partners, and how that may or may not have influenced the experience. The student will describe what they learned from working with his/her colleague, what they were able to teach their partner about the RN role, the benefits or challenges of interprofessional collaboration and how this experience might influence the student’s future nurse practitioner practice.
• The student will include a discussion of how this interprofessional activity experience addresses the IPEC competencies of interprofessional education as provided above. This discussion will include one citation source that addresses a research study with outcomes relating to interprofessional collaboration.

The paper should be 6-8 pages in length and conform to APA guidelines (title page, headers, reference page required). Students will use the Student APA 7th Edition guidelines when submitting written assignments in this class. A minimum of four (4) scholarly references will be used to support the student’s ideas.


Should be written from perspective of a psychiatric nurse.


These prompts need to be followed to create the structure of the article please. Also needs to be written in APA 7. Class textbook is Hamric and Hanson: Advanced practice nursing ed l7 if that helps

1. Discuss Interprofessional collaboration and the IPEC competencies
2. Overview of the experience: include patient case, setting, and all healthcare providers involved
3. Provide an overview of your collaborating HCP’s training/ scope of practice &/role
4. Problem list side by side table of the:
a. Nursing and other HCP list of problems/ diagnoses
b. Provide a reflective discussion of the similarities and differences between the 2 lists given each other’s role & lens
c. Provide a reflection on this IPE (see syllabus for detail). Also, include how this IPE may influence your future NP practice.
5. Conclusion: synthesize the points made in your paper. Consider this experience, together with the IPEC competencies, the future, the quadruple aim, & why the APRN is so well suited to be a leader in these processes.