Discuss the process involved to advance your agenda (advocacy) and policy implementation by identifying the following & their role in implementing the new program.

Assignment Objective: This assignment is to be comprehensive reflection of your ability to demonstrate an analysis of a policy, implement a project thru policy/systems, and identify key stakeholders & their role in assisting in the process…or factors that may be a barrier to implementation. This assignment will be part of your DNP portfolio.


You have either proposed or are now working on developing a proposal for your capstone project. In doing so, you identify key stakeholders that can influence success or failure of your project. Partnerships with these stakeholders are imperative to ensure success and advance the agenda for project implementation. As a DNP prepared nurse, your goal should be for growth and sustainability of your project.

Fast forward to completion of your DNP scholarly project…your project was a huge success and the data suggests very positive outcomes. You decide you want to implement the project on a grander scale through healthcare policy or continue to use for quality assurance (QA) throughout the organization and system wide.

1. Write the policy for your project implementation. Consider the evaluation criteria you have learned when drafting your policy. Will it be considered effective, efficient, and equitable? I have provided a basic example within the module for your review. I have included a template for the policy itself then you will briefly evaluate your policy accordingly (direction #2). Review the rubric prior to submission for criteria for grading.

2. Part two:

Write the implementation piece of the policy as a separate document by including:
Based on the evaluation criteria of effectiveness, efficiency, and equity, determine if your proposed DNP Scholarly Project and the policy will meet the criteria in a brief summary.
Discuss the process involved to advance your agenda (advocacy) and policy implementation by identifying the following & their role in implementing the new program:

o Organization (example: school system, hospital/clinic).
o Key stakeholders (who would support this and/or are impacted by the program)
o Community advocates (are there community groups/people of interest who will support (or oppose) the project?)
o Medical professionals
o Any city, county, or state agencies
o Any city, county or state government officials
o Funding & sustainability
o Time frame to implement
• Include current literature/research citation that supports a program such as the one you are planning to implement.

3. Part three:
Complete a PowerPoint Presentation with the following guidelines:

o Presentation should have a maximum of 15 slides of content (do not count the reference slides as part of the 15 slides)
o Each slide should have no more than 7 lines with 7 words per line (this prevents reading directly from or overloading the slide)