Evaluate the sourcing options and the risks and benefits of each country


Make an infographic country poster about Taiwan



As part of the development of a sourcing strategy, it’s important to gain a comprehensive understanding of the countries’ condition and their apparel manufacturing industry before actual placement decisions are made.


Based on the country research and analysis each student will be able to develop a sourcing profile for your selected country. The outcome of the project is to maximize opportunities and minimize risks for sourcing from your country and your product.

You will use apparel and textile industry-specific resources that will assist you and allow you to gather industry-specific information. This will enable you to create a Country report/Merchandiser’s Apparel and Textile Sourcing Guide for your country


Evaluate the sourcing options and the risks and benefits of each country

Enable students to understand the importance of international business and cultural relationships in today’s fashion apparel and textile industry

Synthesize research into a well organized apparel and textiles sourcing guide for your country


You will research and analyze your assigned country and the factors that impact a merchandiser’s decision to source, procure, or purchase apparel and textile products from your assigned country. Some topics, which should be included in your research, are:

What are the new technological advances that impact the apparel and textile industry that are available in your country. Focus on technological innovations and advances that will benefit the apparel and textile industry in both production and transportation.

What is the demographic makeup of the population within the country?

What is the cultural and ethnic makeup of its people?

What is the wage scale for our specific industry? How qualified is the workforce?

What is the climate like and how does this impact production and shipping?