Explain with citations if accurate the requirement of this proposed study?

Significance of the Study

According to the findings of the study that was carried out by Al Ansari and colleagues (2021), the absence of nurses has a considerable and detrimental effect on hospitals. Al Ansari et al. (2021), who investigated the adverse effects of absenteeism, found that it might result in large financial repercussions for businesses, with hospitals expected to lose more than $425,490 yearly in addition to a loss of productivity. As a consequence of this, the proposed study will be required both by the administration of New York City Hospital and by the various healthcare players operating within the New York City healthcare system. The outcomes of the study will provide the administration of the hospital with the knowledge necessary to comprehend the reasons why their nurses do not report to work on a consistent basis as planned. When management is aware of the causes, they are better able to devise strategies to deal with those causes and prevent similar events from occurring in the future. The management of the study facility will be able to combat the adverse effects on the facility’s finances and reputation that are caused by chronic absenteeism at the research facility if they successfully manage and mitigate the factors that contribute to chronic absenteeism. The findings will also be significant for the stakeholders in the healthcare system in New York City, who will be able to use them as a standard against which to evaluate and address the factors that contribute to nursing absenteeism in other hospitals located in New York City.


Explain with citations if accurate the requirement of this proposed study? This may be a matter of choice of words. if so, we need to tweak this area.