How do the different media resources you found confirm or contradict each other?

You will organize a social studies research project using several different media resources regarding the same topic/concept. You will select from the concepts/topics below:

You will create an audio/visual presentation on a self-selected topic/concept
The purpose of the project to analyze a given social studies concept from several different media resources and viewpoints. For example (concept of slavery from the viewpoint of slaves, plantation owners, abolitionists, northern state)
You would gather information on all those viewpoints (the minimum number of viewpoints to include in this presentation is 3. If you want to do more, of course, you may)
You would use a variety of media resources of those viewpoints, such as a primary source, a northern state’s law on slavery, the writings of a freed slave, photos of plantations and their slaves, letters, journals, political cartoons, etc.)
Using all the information you gathered, you will create a presentation with clear audio and visuals sharing the resources you collected as well as your analysis
You will submit this presentation to the entire class in Microsoft Teams, so the entire class can see it. You will submit a note in Blackboard for the Research Assignment that it is in Teams. Instructions will be below.

Be sure the link works, because it cannot be graded if it does not appear or open.
If you have technical trouble contact tech support immediately. Do NOT wait until the last minute. Technology will not be an excuse.

The analysis is developed based upon these questions:

What is your topic?
Why is your topic important?
How does your topic relate to social studies?
How do the different media resources you found confirm or contradict each other?
Which media source is most reliable? And why?
What did you learn from this experience?
How does the concept/topic relate to this class and the information you have worked with in this class? Be specific

Of course, you make this information flow in a nice presentation. It is not just answering the questions.

Concepts/topics in which to choose:

Colonization of Texas
Growth of oil and gas industry in the state of Texas
Concept of diversity within unity
Importance of morality and ethics in maintaining a functional free-enterprise system
Effects of government regulation
Economic forces leading to the Industrial Revolution
Voluntary, individual participation
Knowledge of important customs that represent American beliefs