How does the perceived “power type” of a leader influence student desire to learn?


Leadership Influence on Student Motivation

The presentation needed the writer to Look for central themes that emerge from the transcripts and group them into common categories. Work the data, organize it, synthesize it, search for patterns, break it into manageable units, and decide what is important. You should be able to develop at least 3 or 4 categories as themes emerge from the data. Some themes may emerge early on.

Hint: Leadership influence on student motivation can be negative as well as positive.

The assigned transcripts include 20 student interviews (Transcripts #1-20) and 4 instructor interviews (Transcripts #21-24).

Research Question.

The central research question is: How does education leadership motivate students to put forth the required study, practice, or rehearsal required to learn effectively?

Based on the findings of the literature review, this central question is broken down into 3 topical sub-question areas:

  • ) What kind of educational environment is most conducive to student learning?
  • ) What type of instructor characteristics and behaviors are conducive to student learning?
  • ) How does the perceived “power type” of a leader influence student desire to learn? (“Power type” is based on French and Raven’s five power types).

The transcripts are made up of standardized, open-ended questions, with each topical area containing several specific questions.


Choose one topical sub-question area (e.g. environment, instructor characteristics and behaviors, or perceived “power type,”) and study only that particular area in each transcript. (This means that you will be reading approximately 1/3 of each transcript).