How was the situation handled from a “strategic communication” standpoint (longest section)?

In the news

The focus for this week’s In the News assignment is: Proactive or Reactive?
Choose a news story from the past week or two where a loss of public trust has affected the reputation of a business, organization or individual. This news story must include a comment or commentary from the business, organization or individual that the news story is about.
Analyze the article and determine whether it’s an example of a “proactive” or “reactive” action strategy (on behalf of the business, organization or individual), and provide specific evidence that proves it is one or the other, e.g., proactive or reactive.
The news item can be from any news source with English language content. Submit a short summary and analysis of the news including a link to the story (1 page minimum-400words).

Approach “In the News” with an analytical eye, and avoid simply repeating information from the article. Try to draw conclusions from the content provided, such as who are the target audiences, what are the key messages, and what is the reputational impact of the issue? Remember to analyze the situation through a “Strategic Communication” lens.

In addition to answering the questions below, make sure to cover specifically what caused the loss of public trust, what they seem to be doing to repair it, and why you think it’s an example of either a “proactive” or “reactive” action strategy.
What happened, was announced or was reported publicly (shortest section)?
How was the situation handled from a “strategic communication” standpoint (longest section)?
Are the stakeholders well defined; are the messages clear and delivered in a way that made a positive impact (give examples)?
How did the business, individual, or government agency appear to be executing a strategy to build reputation or repairing reputational damage, e.g., what are they trying to achieve strategically in their communication (longest section)?
What, if anything, is being done to repair public trust?