Identity Statuses for different components of your life.

Autobiography part four


Essentially, you are going to focus on the main roles of adulthood and how you are preparing for them. The main roles of adulthood include career, long-term relationships (romantic and friendships), and parenthood. This is also a place for you to state some of your goals- past goals if you have lived through the stage, current goals, and future goals. The discussion of your future can go past emerging adulthood and draw from early and middle adulthood as well.

*De creative in answering the following:• Career- preparation, required education, first job vs. current job, important characteristics of your career, explanation as to how you plan to get there/how you came to your career decision

Identity Statuses for different components of your life

• Social clock issues- how do your experiences, feelings, goals align with those of your peers and how does the timing aspect affect you?

• Relationships with parents, friends, romantic partners

• Thoughts on marriage, cohabitation, as they apply to your current or future situation.

• Thoughts on parenthood

• Other life goals