Provide a 200-300-word thoughtful reaction to a selected contemporaneous article.


Global Political Risk Discussion: Post #4

Country about Egypt

Post (1): provide a 200-300-word thoughtful reaction to a selected contemporaneous article.

For a superb/quality post, the analysis must endeavor to connect the contemporaneous event/development to as many as possible of the following–

  • at least one of the definitions of Political Risk
  • salient course concepts
  • course lectures/lecture slides
  • assigned/required course readings
  • implications for the business community
  • “personal” experience (direct or vicarious, where applicable)
  • build on (rather than regurgitate) earlier posts in the discussion thread
  • furnish reference information for all applicable/additional research/sources

The post should provide your own thoughtful and informed “so what?” (critical thinking) analysis of the event/development. Be sure to reflect on at least their implications for business (manager, entrepreneur, enterprise, market, customer, client, supplier, investment, etc.) and other non-state actors. Besides the first reaction/analysis on a featured article, subsequent reactions should endeavor to reference (i.e., build on) earlier reactions to the selected article. Consider asking questions, elaborating on a point in earlier posts, suggesting other possible arguments, or suggesting other examples.

As a general guideline, posts should be well-developed, use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.