Summarize, critique, and personally apply a research article from a professional journal.



During this course, you will complete 2 Journal Critiques. For each critique, you will  It is appropriate for you to utilize research journals in your particular field where possible. All articles must be current and published no more than 5 years ago.

Each critique must have and introduction and conclusion paragraph along with 3 main paragraphs: 1) a summary paragraph; 2) an analysis of author’s key points; and 3) a personal application that includes a clear concluding sentence. Each paragraph must be 5 sentences and each critique must be only 5 paragraphs. All papers must use the Journal Critique Assignment Template and follow current APA style.

Articles selected must relate to the topics given in the chart below.
Module 4: Week 4 Instructional Planning After reading your text for this module, select a research article on instructional planning and strategies that impact instructional plannichong in your current field.