What are supply chain risk and related mitigation tactics.


Operation Management Research

  • Group
    • Names :
    • Name of company: Example: Saudi Airline
  1. Company Name
    • Introduction
    • Location
    • Production
    • Main competitors
  2. Forecasting
    • What is forecasting?
    • Why forecasting is important.
    • The company in which life cycle (Introduction, Growth, maturity, Decline)
    • What is the strategy/issue related to this cycle?
    • What are the factors that affect the forecast/demand, explain how? (PESTEL)
    • Based on the forecast, will the production/service level increase or decrease in the future? Why?
  3. Aggregate Planning
    • What is the objective of aggregate planning!
    • What are the aggregate planning options that can be applied to the sector? What are the advantages and disadvantages and if there any comments!
  4. Inventory management
    • What is the objective of inventory management!
    • Inventory Analysis: Classify the type of inventory in your company (ABC ANALYSIS)
  5. Operation & productivity
    • What is operation management!
    • Why operation management!
    • What is the strategic decision related to operation management! Explain it.
    • How can you improve the productivity in your sector/company?
  6. Operations Strategy in a Global Environment
  • Why the company need to globalize.
    • Which factor should the company consider before globalizing?
    • What are the competitive advantages in your industry/company?
    • Develop SWAA Analysis
    • Can the company outsource some of its activities to internal to external suppliers
    • What are the Potential Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing
  1. Location Strategies
    • What is the objective of location strategy?
    • What are some of the key success factors related to location decision?
    • What are the factors That Affect Location Decisions
  2. Supply-Chain Management
    • What is the objective of supply chain management?
    • How Corporate Strategy Impacts Supply Chain Decisions
    • What are supply chain risk and related mitigation tactics