What determines the level of competitive intensity in an industry?


What is a learning organization?

What is a learning organization? Discuss why is this approach to strategic management better than the more traditional top-down approach in which strategic planning is primarily done by top management. 3 marks (max 350 words)

Give an example of a learning organization from the SAUDI market. Describe the mission statement and vision of this organization. In which way this organization is considered a learning organization? Is it successful? What are the main problems faced by this organization to implement this approach? Justify. 5 marks (max 350 words)

Question 2. (7 marks)

Refer to Porter’s forces driving industry competition to answer the following questions: (max 500 words)

  • In your opinion, what is/are the most important force(s) in Porter’s industry forces? Why? 1 mark
  • What determines the level of competitive intensity in an industry? 1 mark
  • How can a decision maker identify strategic factors in a corporation’s external international environment? 1 mark
  • What are the main limits and drawbacks of Porter’s forces? 1 mark
  • Choose an example of an organization from the Saudi market and draw the matrix of Porter’s forces. What is the main force in this case? Assess the competitive advantage of your chosen organization in relation to these forces. Suggest solutions to improve its position in the market 3 marks


Note. To improve your answers, you are requested to use at least 5 recent scientific references, following the APA style.