What facts or issues did the Court use in making its decision.


FIRST CASE CHAPTER (Repeat this page for each case.)
Case: (Identify the name of the case and page number in the textbook.)
a. Identify the plaintiff who originally initiated the case and the original defendant who was sued.
b. State which Party appealed the Case to the Appellate Courtthis is the Appellant,
the person answering is the Respondent. c. Was this Case then appealed to the Supreme Court? Which person appealed to the Supreme Court? This Party appealing is the Petitioner and the
Party who has to respond is the Respondent.
Use the words: Plaintiff, Defendant, Appellant, Appellee, Petitioner and Respondent)
Court: In which Court was the Case originally filed? When the case was appealed in which Court was it heard? If it was appealed again, was that to a State Supreme Court or the U.S. Supreme Court?

Original State Court or Federal District
Appellate: State Appellate or Federal Appellate

Supreme Court: State Supreme U.S. Supreme Court.

Administrative Agency:

Department of Labor Administrator:
Facts: (Summarize only those facts critical to the outcome of the case. Start with stating who did
what harm to the other person that resulted in the original Plaintiff suing the original Defendant.
When the person who lost appealed to the Appellate Court, what was the basis for the appeal?
In other words, when the person lost why did the original Court say they had lost?)

Issue: (In the Opinion what does the Court say is this reason that they are hearing the Case and
what is the question or questions that the Court has been asked to answer? This is known as the
Central question.)

Applicable Law(s): (What law or regulation has the Court identified as the basis for its decision.
Use the correct citation procedure when identifying a Statute, Act or Regulation. The law identified
in the case should be discussed in the Chapter from which the case has been selected

Holding: (Which Party did the Court decide in favor of? Who won?)

Reasoning: (What was the explanation that the Court gave for deciding in favor of the winning
Party? How did the Court explain its reasoning? Do NOT cut and paste. Do you best to state in
your own words.)

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Case Questions:

1. Restate the question.

2. Answer the questions based upon what the Court said in the case.

a. What facts or issues did the Court use in making its decision.

b. How did the Court explain its reasoning?