What has been the trend for French firms in the 21st century?

Political Science

EXP 3680C 29 Multiply choice questions

  1. Which trend do social optimists point out to support their view?

A-Economic and demographic stagnation during the 1945-72 period.

B- Comprehensive urbanization, an urban lifestyle predominates.


  1. What is TRUE about how French society is interpreted?

A- Images of rural life pervade French and foreign analyses.

B- French and British societies have converged, and they resemble each other.


  1. What has been the trend for French firms in the 21st century?

A- Foreign corporations have taken over major French firms.

B- The French state has continued with Thatcherite privatization.


  1. Which of these is a problem with France’s welfare policy?

A- The French complain the retirement age is too low.

B- France has very low population growth, with a 1:1 ratio between workers and retirees by 2030.


  1. What is a fundamental tenet of French Republicanism?

A- All citizens are equal in a publicly acknowledged diverse setting.

B- All citizens are equal and are the same, regardless of differences.


  1. What is the FN/RN’s attitude toward France’s Muslim minority?

A- Under Marine Le Pen, the FN/RN wants privileged status for Catholicism and Islam.

B- The FN/RN wants to ban public manifestations of Muslim practice.


  1. What is TRUE of post-1945 immigration to France?

A- Most immigrants come from the Maghreb.

B- It has been primarily from European Catholic countries.


  1. What does the ONI do?

A- It regulates immigration.

B- It supervises drug use.


  1. What is the French official attitude toward ethnicity?

A- The government forbids the collection of ethnic data.

B- Christians can identify ethnically while Muslims cannot.


  1. What de facto policy has France pursued toward the Muslims?

A- Cooptation, ensuring Muslims conform to the dominant culture.

B-Acceptance, giving Muslims full freedom to practice their faith.


  1. What is the French government attitude toward European integration?

A- France has half withdrawn from it.

B- France has used it to enhance its international standing.


  1. What did Pompidou do that De Gaulle refused to do?

A- Pompidou held up British EC membership but allowed in Ireland and Denmark.

B- Pompidou allowed Britain into the European Community to counter Germany. *


  1. What did Hollande do to demonstrate French leadership?

A- He organized a conference of France, Germany, Russia, and Ukraine to deal with the Ukraine crisis.

B- He categorically bemoaned BREXIT.


  1. What did the French Council of State do in 1989?

A- It rejected the primacy of EU law in favor of national law.

B- It accepted the primacy of EU law.


  1. What is an example of an institution that predates the Fifth Republic?

A- The Republican party (Les Republicains)

B- Prefect


  1. What events induced parliament to consider depriving terrorists of French citizenship?

A- The 1988 Lockerbie and 1989 Niger bombings

B- The 2016 Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan attacks


  1. What is hysteresis?

A- A tendency to cling to a certain paradigm in the face of changes.

B- A tendency to adapt one’s thinking to changing circumstances.


  1. What is true about the Third and Fourth Republics?

A- There was a separation of powers between the executive and legislature.

B- Their parliaments were set up to prevent the emergence of a strong leader.


  1. What is the significance of the October 1962 referendum?

A- It confirmed parliamentary sovereignty.

B- It led to the direct election of the president, which strengthened that office.




  1. What is the significance of Article 5 of the 1958 charter?

A- It can be interpreted to mean the president is at the political center, upholding the constitution.

B- It means the president is a figurehead symbol of national unity.


  1. What is the structure of the French Parliament?

A- A bicameral body made up of the National Assembly and Consultative Council.

B- A bicameral body made up of the National Assembly and Senate.


  1. What is France’s position with regard to subnational units?

A- France is a federation of 13 historically based regions.

B- France is a centralized, unitary state of 96 departments.


  1. What is TRUE about France’s regions?

A- They cannot impose their authority on lower-level governments.

B- They have the most power of subnational units.


  1. What is TRUE of the French Senate?

It has a conservative bias, representing departments and communes.

It has a liberal bias, representing major cities.


  1. The FN/RN has harmed which group of parties the most?

A- Mainstream right-wing parties.

B- Mainstream left-wing parties.


  1. What was the first de facto presidential party in Fifth Republic France?

A- The right-wing UMP

B- The Gaullist UNR


  1. What type of government did Jospin lead (1997-2002)?

A- A plural right government of four parties

B- A plural left government of five parties


  1. Which of the following is NOT in the FN/RN platform?

A- Espousal of European integration

B- Suspicion of immigrants, especially from Muslim countries


  1. What is the French government’s attitude toward interest groups?

The French government adopts a pluralist approach.

The French state discourages interest groups.