What is one of the lessons that Castells describes?

Discussion board prompt:

Read the Castells chapter “Lessons from the History of the Internet” from his book The Internet Galaxy. You can download a PDF of this chapter
from this week’s unit.

Our question as we read Castells is “What are the lessons?” and this assignment will guide you in responding to the reading and its “lessons.”

Make sure you carefully read it — it asks for a specific type of response. It is more complicated than most of our discussion board prompts and

will take some time and thought.

What is one of the lessons that Castells describes?

This question is a little more complicated than at first it appears. It is actually a challenge in cooperation and close reading. If you are one of the
first to answer, you could pre-empt other answers. The idea is not to launch a pre-emptive strike on other answers but rather to add one item to
a succession of small, incremental contributions.

You should start a new thread and identify one lesson in the title. Then expand on this lesson in your post. You will need to say whether
Castells explicitly says this is a lesson to be learned from the history of the Internet. (You can also, of course, find and state lessons he is not
explicit about.)