What types of people walk away from Omelas?


Omelas short answers 14 questions

“Those Who Walk Away From Omelas” by Ursula LeGuin
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Lit Studies

On what day does the story take place?

What is a major event on this day?

What kind of technology does Omelas have?

LeGuin writes, “But I wish I could describe it better. I wish I could convince you.” WHAT is she trying to convince us of?

Is Omelas a religious place? What kind of religion(s) do the people of Omelas have?

On page 4, LeGuin asks, “Do you believe?” What does she want us to believe in?

Who is in the tool shed?

Was the child always there?

Do the people of Omelas know about the child?

Who feeds the child?

On page 6, LeGuin asks again, “Now do you believe them?” Why does she ask again?

What types of people walk away from Omelas?

What direction do they walk in?