What were the most effective government interventions in the global south that can be used to create a resilient food supply

A. Introduction: Summarize your research question, general answer/thesis, general methods/design, and findings (how well the evidence fits your hypotheses). Explain what is interesting and important about your question and answer. (This is not the place to go into detail about the implications, although you can set up the “hook” in the introduction. A detailed discussion of your argument’s implications should be included in the conclusion.) In a 20-25 page paper, the introduction should be approximately 2-3 pp. long.

B. Literature review and theory/argument: This section should describe existing work, the general argument you make in answer to your research question, and any more specific hypotheses that flow from your argument. (The next part provides support for those arguments.) This section will vary widely from paper to paper (perhaps from 3 to 8 pp.), depending on the nature of the argument and how many other authors have written on your topic.

C. Evidence/Body of the paper: As described above, this is where you provide evidence to support your argument. This section should comprise the bulk of your paper and so likely will be about 10 or more pages.

D. Conclusion: This section should briefly summarize your argument and findings and describe the big conclusions your readers should reach. Why does your research matter? What does it tell us about politics and global health? Why does health matter in IR? What limits or shortcomings are present in your paper that future research might remedy? What avenues for future research does your paper suggest? What policy implications are there? You do not need to answer all of these questions; they are designed to guide your writing of the conclusion. This section should be about 2-4 pp.

E. Works cited: Include full citation information for all sources cited in the paper.

Evaluation: Papers will be evaluated on the originality and plausibility of ideas, clarity of thesis, extent and accuracy of research, presentation of evidence to support thesis, organization and development of ideas, and style and composition. Write clearly, be concise, and avoid jargon. Pay particular attention to the organization or structure of your paper. You must proofread your paper for misspellings, grammatical errors, awkward sentences, etc.

The research question is: “what were the most effective government interventions in the global south that can be used to create a resilient food supply?”

paper can be written in the context of the Russia-ukraine crisis in 2022 and covid-19 pandemic. Or these two events can be used as case studies.

Must use peer reviewed journal articles, and any government agency publications.

Another question to consider could be: “has the global north hampered the global south’s ability to build resilient food systems?

this is a politics of global health class and its upper level course. Writing must be at an advanced level, following all guidelines pasted above.