When will data be collected? At the beginning or end of an intervention (e.g., pre-test/post-test format)?

Assignment 4: Measurement // Data Collection Methods

**List your research topic, research type (QT or QL), research purpose, and research question at the top of your paper.**

Please answer the following questions. Do not use first person language (e.g., I, me, my, our, we, etc.) in your answers.

Type your responses and number them according to the numbering below. Include a reference page (following APA format) for all sources used, keeping in mind that all sources in the reference list should be cited in the paper and all citations in your paper should be included in the reference list.

Part 1: Measurement
As part of your research proposal in this course, you will need to develop measurement procedures for each variable/research question. The purpose of this assignment is for you to practice developing measurement/data collection procedures for your study.


  1. State your research question. Then, list all of the variables in your study (these should be clear in your RQ).


  1. For each variable you listed, present the measurement procedure(s) you will use in your study. For any variable that is not demographic/categorical in nature (e.g., gender, control vs. treatment group membership, etc.), you must locate an existing measuring instrument (scale) that is an appropriate measure of the variable in your study and provide the name of this instrument. Be sure to include an appropriate citation for each measurement instrument you use. Provide actual copies of instruments (surveys, questionnaires, scales, etc.) that you will be using.  In the case that the full instrument is not published (or requires payment to obtain), simply state that and describe the instrument and include sample questions from the instrument (be sure to include a citation for this).



  1. State the data collection procedure(s) you developed for this study. Your data collection procedures may be interviews, focus groups, observations, etc.


  1. Provide the questions or form you will use to gather data using your technique. For example, if you are going to conduct interviews, provide the list of questions you will ask. If you are going to do observations, turn in a detailed outline of how you plan to complete the observations and include the table, form, or rubric used to take observation notes if applicable.

Part 2: Data Collection Methods and Analysis
Now your task is to describe how you plan to collect your data in enough detail so that your study could be replicated. The key to doing well on this part of the assignment is to include enough detail in your descriptions so that someone else could collect your data.

  1. Describe specifically how, when, and where the data will be collected. Be as detailed and precise as possible—the details and description of the data collection process should provide enough information that the study could be replicated. For example, you may discuss:

How will the survey (if applicable) be administered? On paper? Online? Telephone? Face-to-face?

How will interviews (if applicable) be scheduled? When and where will they occur?

When will data be collected? At the beginning or end of an intervention (e.g., pre-test/post-test format)?

Where will the data be collected? At a meeting? In a classroom? Somewhere else?

Your answer to this question needs to be detailed enough that someone can replicate your process. Think about what it will be like to be a participant in your study—what will their experience be? Be sure to cover all details (but do not write from their perspective—maintain academic voice/writing style).

For example, for QL studies don’t simply say “Interviews will be conducted with each participant.” Tell the reader everything he/she needs to know about those interviews–How do you schedule them? How do participants give informed consent? Where will the interviews happen–a coffee shop? the library? How long will they last? Similarly, don’t say “Participants will take a survey.” How will they take it? When and where? It is at their leisure, or during a specified time?

For QT studies, don’t simply say “Participants will take a survey.” How will they take it? When and where? It is at their leisure, or during a specified time? When does access to the survey cease? If you are giving a pre-and post-test, how long before and after the treatment phase are participants tested?