Which types of employees at CHI, Inc. would benefit most from using this simulation?

Cyber Security

Cyber CEIGE Instructions (M06)

You are to investigate the possible use of a game-like simulation to improve information security awareness at CHI.

To prepare for this activity, install and use the CyberCEIGE simulation using one of the provided installation kits.

  • Locate the installation kit in D2L.
  • Download the zip file.
  • Uncompress the zip file.
  • Run the installation kit.
  • The password for the kit is grostolis
  • Run the program.
  • Complete the initial (training) campaign.
  • Complete all ‘Starting Scenarios’.
  • Complete at least one other scenario of your choice. You may complete additional scenarios at your own discretion.

To complete this activity, write a report to recommend (or disrecommend) this SETA tool. In the report, comment about the usefulness of this simulation tool in a SETA program at CHI, Inc. Your report should reflect on your own experiences using the simulation and it MUST answer each of the following questions:

  • How long did you spend using the simulation (cumulative)?
  • Was the simulation valuable as a learning experience for you?
  • Would this be a valuable learning tool for general employees at CHI, Inc.?
  • In what settings at CHI, Inc. might this be a valuable tool?
  • Which types of employees at CHI, Inc. would benefit most from using this simulation?
  • What will be required for the tool to be used at CHI?
  • How much money and staff time will be required to implement this simulation? Be sure you factor in the number of employees that you include in your recommendation.
  • Make a Go/Nogo recommendation on the adoption of the tool.

Write this in a short report, using complete sentences structured into well-formed paragraphs.