Why did the author write the article? What is the author trying to communicate? Does the author take a position?

Current Art Events Paper

Art 1800: Idea and the Visual Arts

One of the goals of this class is to promote awareness of current events/issues happening in the arts in the world.  The objective of this assignment is to discover and critically evaluate what is currently happening in the art world.

Students will be responsible for finding a current article about a Western (chapters 14, 15, 16 17,21, 22 and 13) visual arts topic at the national or world level. Make sure the topic is relevant to the course. Music, theater and dance should be avoided for this assignment. Find an article at the library or online. Some places to look include, but are not limited to:

  • The New York Times (any day under Arts section), and New York Times Magazine (Sunday only)
  1. ARTnews magazine
  1. Art Forum magazine
    • www.artforum.com
  1. Raw Vision (outsider art)
  1. Flash Art magazine
    • www.flashartonline.com

Artnet News

  • https://news.artnet.com

After choosing a visual arts article, read it carefully and take notes. Do not choose an article that only DESCRIBES an art opening or exhibit. Your choice of the article is important.  Write a reaction report to the article.

The paper will be three to four pages in length, double spaced with 1” margins on top, bottom and both sides, following the Sample Paper Format provided. If the paper is not the required length, or does not adhere to this format, the grade will be reduced.

The first section will be an introduction and a brief summary or abstract of the article. What is the article, and this paper, about? Refer to the article, not just the topic. (Use terms from the textbooks if possible.)

The second section is a literature review of the article.

What was the article about? In your own words, describe the important points and information discussed in the article. Your goal is to provide foundational knowledge about the topic and to gain an understanding of the issue.

In the Discussion section describe the importance of the article.

Explain the social, political, religious or creative issues that the article brings to the forefront. (The article chosen must include some or all of these issues.) Articles that merely describe an exhibit or opening generally will not contain these issues. Highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the author’s point of view.

What are the pros and cons? What are some alternative points of view or approaches that another person might take?

Why did the author write the article? What is the author trying to communicate? Does the author take a position?

Can that position be argued from an alternative perspective?

Provide examples from the article. When using words directly from the article in your paper, use quotation marks to avoid plagiarism.

You must also include a parenthetical reference or footnote to indicate where exactly your quotation comes from.

In the Conclusion of the paper, summarize and discuss your own interpretations/reflections.

How do you connect to this article personally? Take a position on the issues at hand. Do you agree or disagree? Why do you have that opinion? Support with details from your research.