Why should not a landlord be able to rent space to whomever the landlord wishes?

Business Law

Week 10 Discussion

Chapter 30: Ethics in the business settings (Page 515).

Foster opened a fast-food in a one-story shopping plaza owned by Green. He signed a simple lease prepared by Green and moved in after spending a large sum of money on construction. One month after Foster opened for business. Green rented a store to a competitor of Foster, 60 feet from Foster’s restaurant.

Answer the questions below and discuss this case in an essay format.

1- Assuming what Green was legal, was it ethical?

2- Why should not a landlord be able to rent space to whomever the landlord wishes?

3- If Green did not recommend to Foster that Foster seek the advice of a lawyer before signing the lease, was that unethical?

4- If Foster is at fault because he failed to either thoroughly read the lease and secure the advice of a lawyer, is there anything unethical about what Green did?


  • Discuss and cite the resources. If you use your textbook, cite it too.
  • Provide examples for each and one case lawsuit example of violations of the employer-employee relationship.
  • Provide one external source and cite it in your writing following the APA 7th edition style.
  • Cite all sources, including YouTube videos.
  • Use the internet to visit news websites, a government website, etc., to find cases, examples, etc.
  • The initial post should contain 250-300 words, and the reply should contain 100-150 words.

Note: Grading will be based on the quality and logic of the discussion and not necessarily on the word count.