Write a 2-3 page paper on Utopia.


Write a 2-3 page paper on Utopia. The paper should have standard margins and 12-point font (preferably Times New Roman or Arial), double-spaced, with no extra spaces between paragraphs.

An A paper makes connections between the textbook, external sources, the lectures, and the book. It is also organized, with an opening paragraph describing your thesis and outlining your paper’s main points. Each of those main points should be tackled in order. Finally, the conclusion should quickly explain how each of those points supports your thesis. It does not have any significant grammatical errors or misspellings.

A B paper connects between the lectures, the textbook, and Utopia. It is organized enough so that each point in the introduction is addressed, but not necessarily in order. Its conclusion is more like a retread of the introduction. It has few significant grammatical errors.

Makes a cohesive introduction and thesis statement outlining what you will write about – 5 points

Main body of the paper tackles each point in order and reinforces thesis statement – 5 points

Uses the book, lecture material, and more than one external source with proper citations – 5 points

Concludes by recapping the main points – 2 points

Uses appropriate grammar, formatting, and spelling – 3 points

Select two or three characteristics of life in Utopia. Why does More consider them to be preferable to life in England? Compare and contrast between Utopian and Englishmen life during this time.