Write a researched recommendations report to a business audience.


Transportation and logistics challenges REPORT

For the formal report, you will write a researched recommendations report to a business audience. This is an individual assignment of which a complete, final draft is due at the end of the term. The formal report is broken down into several smaller assignments that will help you build up to the larger final draft of the formal report.

You will be required to complete the various steps of the business writing process (outlined below) to develop a single-spaced, 7-9 page final report. Your final report draft must include both primary and secondary research (details on the difference between the two will be covered). Reports must have at least a few secondary sources and at least 1 primary source.

Your objective for the final draft is to produce a recommendations report that would be helpful to key decision makers within a specific company.

The report may include three (3) graphics (images, charts, tables, graphs, etc.). Each graphic can be no larger than one-half page. Graphics will count toward the total page limit, but they must add value to your report in someway.Purpose

The major assignment for this course is an 7-9 page formal report. You can review the complete formal report assignment description here, as a reminder for where we are in the overall writing process. This assignment asks you to use the writing skills you’ve practiced in this class to develop a professional business report.