Write two new sentences using participial forms of the verb as adjectives.  Keep the same verb tense.

Part 1,  Error Correction:  The article below has errors in features you studied in weeks 2 and 3 (e.g., passive/active voice verbs, stative passives, “get” passives, passive causatives, adjective forms, etc.).  Type the article correctly below the incorrectly typed article.  (10 points)


Article with Errors:


            There are been many fun (or funny!) nicknames in sports.  Some athletes give interesting nicknames as a result of their actions in games.  One such athlete was “Wrong-Way” Riegels, who was played in the 1929 Rose Bowl.  The Rose Bowl is an important college football game that is play on January 1st every year.  In the 1929 game, the football was dropped by a player from Georgia Tech, and Roy Riegels from the University of California was pick it up and began to run.  It was seemed that Riegels would score easily.  However, for some reason, he got confuse and ran 65 yards the wrong way.  By the time he got turn around by a teammate, the other team had also run down the field, and Riegels got tackled on the one-yard line on the wrong end of the field.  Because of Riegels’ run down the field, his team was lost the game 9-7, and he was nicknamed “Wrong-Way” Riegels.

Sometimes the play, not the player, is gotten the nickname.  A famous soccer goal knows by its nickname, the “Hand of God” goal.  This goal was scored by Argentinean superstar Diego Maradona against the English team in the 1986 World Cup.  When the ball kicked over the heads of the English defense, both Maradona and the English goalkeeper, Peter Shilton, got jumped for it.  Maradona was appeared to have hit the ball into the goal with his head, but Shilton protested that Maradona had been hit it with his hand.  The goal was permitted to stand, and the game was won by Argentina, 2-1.  When the television replays proved Shilton correct, Maradona was declared that the goal had been “a little bit Maradona, a little bit the hand of God.”


Type the article correctly here:


 Part 2, Fill in the Blanks:  Complete the sentences with the words in parentheses.  Use the passive, get passive, or passive causative in appropriate tenses.  The first one is done as an example.  (1/2 point each, 6 points total)


Playing professional sports is the ambition of many young athletes.  These youngsters dream of one day being as famous as Michael Jordan, and they hope that they will get paid  (pay) a salary like his.  However, playing professional sports isn’t easy and can be dangerous.

Professional athletes often __________ (hurt).  Over the years, many baseball players ______________ (hit) by baseballs.  Few football players ___________ (not, injure) at some point in their careers.  Basketball players __________ (knock down) while playing, too.  Even figure skaters ____________ (can, injure).  During a recent competition, a well-known figure skater ___________ (drop) on the ice by her partner.

Behavior on and off the field can also lead to problems and to lost playing time.  Players ______________ (may, suspend) for bad behavior during games and as a result may have to sit out for several games.  Hockey players are notorious for fighting.  They often __________ (kick out) of the game.  Unfortunately, these days more professional athletes ____________ (arrest) for their behavior off the field.

Finally, a professional athlete’s career is often short.  When players’ performance begins to decline, players ___________ (trade) to other teams.  Sometimes they simply ___________ (not, hire) for the next season.

None of this stops young athletes from dreaming of being a top athlete and asking the question, ___________ (I, choose) to play on a profession team?



Part 3, Sentence WritingWrite two new sentences using participial forms of the verb as adjectives.  Keep the same verb tense. (1 point each sentence; 10 points total)


Example:  The long airplane ride exhausted everyone.

    The long airplane ride was exhausting.

    Everyone was exhausted by the long airplane ride.


  1. The unsolved mystery puzzles the nation.


  1. The huge celebration meal satisfied the family.



  1. The buzzing bees annoy the children.



  1. The thunder has terrified the campers in the tents.



  1. The magician’s tricks will fascinate the children.




Part 4, Fill in the blanksFill in the blanks with the correct participial adjective of the verb in parentheses. (1 point each, 10 points total)


Last night my friend and I went to see a new movie.  We thought it was (bore) ___________.  It had a lot of stupid car chases, which were not (excite) __________ at all.  I didn’t like the characters, either.  They weren’t very (convince) ___________.   We were pretty (disappoint) ____________  because the reviewers said it was a good movie.  They said it had (amaze) ___________ visual effects, but for me, it wasn’t (satisfy) ___________ at all.  I was (frustrate) ____________ that I had wasted $12 and a whole evening for such a (tire) ____________ movie.  Some people walked out of the theater before the movie was over, but I was too (embarrass) ___________ to do that.  The only thing that wasn’t (disappoint) ___________  was the popcorn.